Welcome to Fresh Squeezed Poetry.  I write poetry for me, but I posted my poems to this website so that I don’t lose any. It’s a way to stay organized. And yeah, sometimes you’ve got to call aloud to hear the echo, and maybe someone else will hear it, too.

I believe in poetry that doesn’t talk down to other people — poetry that hopefully anyone can find some sort of meaning in, even if it’s not a meaning I intended….

Something You Already Know

Let me tell you about the meaning of life.
It won’t be profound because real meanings
are never as poetic as we’d like them to be.
And when you attack meaning from its core
its just a bunch of strung-out vowels and consonants
trying to make a living out of conflicting sounds
just like you and me…

Teetering on half an image, a dangling
metaphor, on lines like lives that never end
where they should.

People tell me for such a happy person
I write enough about sadness.
But these are the politics of emotion.
Any depth in contemplation
comes from trying to fill a human void
with something permanent.
Perpetual happiness is for the dietetic.

If there were no wars, no deaths, no corrupt
governments, no religious discord,
everything terrible would be in our pasts.
We’d have no future earth to pray for.

And I can’t resist, at the end of every
stormy-headed thought, contemplating:
Are there aliens among us
or just people meant for other moments in other worlds?


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